Had a blast in the morning with my husband in this lovely coffee shop, or should I called it restaurant 🙂 Yes it is! It had a lot of yummy food for breaky, lunchy and dinner as well. But it’s also nice place for having coffee, tea or chocolate only while having a lil chat with your loved one or friends. It’s nice place for family as well. They provide some coloring set tools for kids and they had kid’s menu too.

This time we had time to escape from our boys because my mother in law is visiting us for one month. It’s so relaxed for us. No matter what other people said, but it’s time for us to had our own party 🙂 even just for a cup of coffee in the morning. What’s next? a romantic dinner? or movie time? Hmmm…should think about what’s next before my mother in law going home 🙂

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