Hello World! *remind me when I was learn computer programming language, it was two words that always used to make simple program :)*

I’m a mother of two little boys who found passion in cooking, baking and photography. Start with food photography, now i tried to learn about portrait and lifestyle. Being around three lovely boys at home, I felt that i’m the prettiest because there is no competitor, lol. Had husband that got same passion in photography as well made me so lucky, he supported me in learnt so many things related to photography.

I made this blog as part of my passion in food photography besides that I wanted to keep some notes from my lil kitchen for my sons and successors 🙂 I want to share my passion through my journey in cook world.  Sharing idea how to deliver simple food into something special. To dig my knowledge of our traditional food even though I already lived far away from my country. I love to share with my foodie blogger around the world. They teach me a lot of tips and tricks how to cook in a right way. For me, simplicity always be the first for my daily life. But loved to try something special in my spare time. Always feel run out of time, need to do something better and better and still far away from my goal. Need to learn much more than what i’ve done so far. Never feels like what i feel now. My life is fulfill with something that occupy my heart and soul. I found out my artistic part in me. It’s so ME.

So just enjoying my blog now! Be part of my journey…..i’m growing with all of you.

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”
? Mae West

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