Actually it’s not me who made the beautiful rempeyek kacang. It was my mother in law when she visited us last month. But i can’t help my self not to photograph it and maybe one day i want to make it by my self. But not in the short time because we realized that electric stove is not too good for make it. You can’t feel the crunchy of the real rempeyek if you fried it using electric stove. So i’ll skip this one until i have gas stove. But i’ll record the recipe for now. And it’s not the exact amount, just remember when you put all ingredients together it should form a thin watery form. But not too thin and not too thick, it’s just in between 🙂 A bit confusing hey….yeah…so just try it and you’ll know and feel it.


100 gr peanut, cut a quarter

250 gr Rice fluor

100 ml coconut milk

200 ml water


kaffir lime leaves, shredded

canola oil

grounded ingredients:



coriander seed


Put all the ingredients in a bowl. Mixed well, if you think the mixture still too thick you can add some water to make it a bit watery but not too watery. Put the peanut in small amount to the mixture, don’t put them all in one time because it could make the peanut not crunchy anymore when you fried it. Use a soup spoon, you can pour the mixture in a hot pan with a lot of oil *deep fried* Fried it until crunchy. Set aside and put in a towel paper.




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