Yesterday was really a hot day. Need to have something fresh in my tummy. This one is my favorite when i was still in my country. The sellers usually sell it using cart. They walked around the housing complex. The one that I liked was located on Tebet area. It was one of most delicious rujak in Jakarta. Rujak usually had tropical fruits, but since it’s difficult to find here and also expensive so I didn’t have to use tropical food. I could make rujak with all the available fruit in my fridge as long as it’s a bit sour and crunchy. So here it’s my version of rujak buah manis 😀 And I didn’t use any measurement for making the sauce yesterday, just use my feeling and gustation 🙂 But still it’s all good and yummy…..


Pineapple, slices


Grounded ingredients:

palm/coconut sugar


shrimp paste

hot chili

fried peanut


Ground all grounded ingredients using mortar and pestle. Add fried peanut at the last and you don’t have to ground it smooth so it’s still had crunchy taste.







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