This month challenge in Indonesian foodblogger is all about satay. It’s almost deadline 🙂 I had planned to make liver satay. We usually eat this kind of satay at lamb satay tavern. This satay is originally from Madura – East java. Me and my husband were in loved with liver satay. They  usually used beef liver but because it’s a bit hard to find beef liver, i substitute the beef liver with chicken liver. The taste still the same for us 🙂 It’s so simple to make but when you eat those with hot rice and pickle, I bet you’ll find it never enough  until your stomach is full. Let’s just try it out.


500 gr chicken liver (ati ayam)

4 cloves garlic

salt to taste



Sweet soy sauce

1 clove shallot, thin sliced

hot chilli

tomato, diced





1. Marinated chicken liver with garlic and salt for about 2-3 hours or over night in the fridge.

2. Cut into small pieces and put in the skewer.

3. Grilled them until the colour changed.

4. Put in a plate and flush the sauce on the top of chicken liver satay.

5. Ready to serve.


You can eat it with rice and pickle.


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