Last month I was emailed by Pepy, one of famous Indonesian food bloggers. I know her from one of my friends here in Australia. She said that she always loves her style in food photography. And that’s true, her blog is really beautiful. Her photos are really well executed. And the recipes are absolutely mouthwatering. I go to her blog regularly to find some Indonesian traditional food recipes and I never been disappointed thus far. It’s been a pleasure to be a guest post on Indonesia Eats. I was very happy when she emailed me. I never thought about being her guest post. But, yay! this happened. After had discussion about what should I cook for her blog, we decided to have this kind of satay/sate.

Sate Tempe Plappa is a kind of sate that has spicy and sweet taste. This idea was borrowing from Sate Plappa of Madura island which is made from Beef. Tempe is processed from soybeans and fermented for 3-7 days depend on the area and the humidity. With a high contain of fiber, calcium, vitamin B and zinc, Tempe is very suitable for vegetarians. In Indonesia, tempe is often deep fried and enjoy by dipping it into spiced kecap manis (a mix kecap manis with chopped chilies and drizzled keylime).

Beside tempe, Kecap Manis is very common to be used in Indonesian cooking especially the Javanese cooking.  Kecap Manis or Indonesian sweet soy sauce is made from soybean as well.  With sweeter taste and more complex falvaor than regular soy sauce, Kecap Manis has an intensely darke brown and syrupy thicker sauce.  Kecap Manis is sweetened with coconut or palm sugar and seasoned with various ingredients, which generally include garlic and star anise.  If it’s not available there are many different recipes on the internet on how to make kecap manis.

Want to know how to make it? Let’s check it out at Indonesiaeats



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